Good Busy

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  • Song Name: Good Busy
  • Artist: Rollin Off Track Podcast
  • Album: ROTPOD
  • Year: 2019

This is the weekend we switch from iPhone back to Android!
Definitely missing the customization from the Android OS.
I hope you all staying healthy. Whether it's eating right or working out.
#LittleB and I are still working out and will continue.
Still trying to get in touch with Golden Gun Gaming here in #Abq.
#Rotpod gaming tournaments to find the best team in different multiplayer games.
With the top scorers added from all the tournaments to be sponsored to play in bigger tournaments.
E-scooter searching. Trying to find the right one for my commute.
Personal gaming majority spent on the Nintendo Switch.
What are you playing?
@rotpod on social medias.