Ep183 Multiplayer Gamers

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  • Year: 2017

NMISM Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Tournament Results
-top 3 of the games played

What I am playing, Destiny 2
-developed by Bungie
-video game developer located in Washington
-Microsoft acquired Bungie in 2000. Halo then appeared on
the very first xbox
-Oct 2007, bungie and microsoft split
-last game made with Microsoft was Halo 3
-even after the split, they partnered to make Halo 3 ODST in
2008, Halo Reach in 2010. Reach was the last game developed by Bungie.
-Feb 2013, Bungie announced Destiny
-released Sept 5
-PS4, xbone and Microsoft Windows
-best E3 shooter
-best multiplayer of E3 2017
-Best PC game of E3 2017
-head over to REddit.com/r/destiny2/
-players/fans talking everything D2.
-pictures of players/fans collections
-can even check out Twitch gameplay.
-literally hundreds of players streaming

Modern Combat Versus - online multiplayer
-not released yet but people were already playing.
-released in certain countries and others had to vpn in.
-ios, android, and windows apps
-players look similar to Destiny characters
-this game would go good with a mobile joystick gamepad for smartphones
-joystick only for the left
-popular one is the MOGA
-price ranges from $4 and up
-releasing this thursday 28th

Ultra street fighter 2 had a better release then
last week's Marvel vs capcom infinite.
-released on Ps4, xbone, and pc
-PS4 chart at #16
-xbone chart didn't make top 40.
-about a month to get results of how well it did on release.