Ep174 Nifty Fifty

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  • Song Name: Ep174 Nifty Fifty
  • Artist: Rollin Off Track Podcast
  • Album: ROTPOD
  • Year: 2017

Brian aka @Rotpod
Tim aka @dogofdayz23
Jill aka @jillthephotog
Dalton aka @twizted_crash

Friday's nifty fifty episode includes topics:
samsungs air conditioners, avenged sevenfold, destiny 2 beta, listener questions, fatal grips sponsor, xbox one x, 4k, photography gear, house tech, fortnite the game, tim teef and atari!

we're always looking for listener interaction and going to integrate the voicemail into the podcast. questionnaires will be going around the web every week before the next recording.